Thompson 6400 Mixer Grinder is a heavy duty industrial machine designed specifically for large volume mixing and grinding, used extensively in many high production facilities delivers high performance, reliability and consistently. Thompson 6000 series has the capacity to grind fresh meat, frozen meat (40mm cubed or flaked at -10° Celsius) and other various products.

The 6400 Cutting Systems are driven by high-performance motors through independent helical reduction gear units. The combination of an exceptional paddle design, multi-directional bowl transfer screw and separate grinding feed-screw delivers tremendous versatility of mixing and grinding capabilities to suit many applications.

This efficient agitation can proficiently maintain product of clean cut particle definition or provide the heavy duty kneading action on tighter consistencies such as kebabs.

Product Features:

  • The motor size is determined by the model and the customer product processing requirements, they may vary from 21-21 kW 2 Speed to 37kW inverter driven option.
  • Thompson 6400 offers several models ranging from 200 kg to 400 kg batch capacity in single paddle design and 1000 kg to 2000 kg in twin paddle design.
  • Strong frame construction fully seam, welded inside and outside the bowl.
  •  Manufactured to withstand the demands of   high volume production.
  • Stainless Steel Construction, including heads, feed-screws and mixing paddles.
  • The range is available with various mixing paddle options, drive sizes, cutting systems and exterior features of operation and control.
  • Variable Speed Transfer Motor, 2 Speed Mince Motor, Single Speed Mix Motor.
  • Independent Pre-select Speeds to All Drives.


  • Product Temperature Readout
  • Measured Discharge Shut-off
  • Hydraulic Lid Operation
  • CO2 Coolings with PLC Temperature Monitoring
  • Debone / Degristle System
  • Feedscrew Carriage
  • PLC Pre-set Programmable Control
  • PLC Water Control
  • PLC Screen
  • Inspection Mirror, Safety Interlocked Steps and Platform with Handrail