It is a Mixing Machine Capable of mixing Meat and various other Food products.
It has a rigid construction and is completely made from stainless steel. It applies to all EC Safety Regulations.
The bowl of the machine has 300 / 450 lit capacity. The bowl is protected by a safety lid.
Inside the bowl, the product is mixed with 2 paddles turning one into another.
Each paddle is placed in different heights within the bowl The mixing speed can be adjusted from a controller, as well as the Direction of the Paddle Rotation.
The User can view the product through a special step ladder that is built on the machine body.
The product after mixing can be emptied into a 200lit bin through a special opening placed on the lowest point of the front side of the machine.
On top a special protection cover is placed. For the User Protection many systems are applied.


  • Dimensions PL300L PL450L
  • Length    162 cm 190cm
  • Width (without Loader)    175 cm – (85 cm)    180-(90)
  • Height (without Loader)    235 cm – (165 cm)    235 – (175)
  • Bowl Capacity    300 lit    450 lit
  • Motor    3.3 kw – 4.4 kw    3.3 kw – 4.4 kw