Installation & After-sales

Food Machinery Contractors

All equipment is tested prior to installation, at our premises in Mitchelstown before delivery to the customer. Then, on an agreed date, our technicians arrive in advance to check the location of the machine, as well as ensuring that the various services are available and adequate, example: connections for electricity, compressed air and position within the production process.

Installation and commissioning are carried out for you by experienced Myers service engineers. The client’s operations and maintenance personnel are trained on site, under the guidance of our engineers. This process allows for on-site real-time problem solving, allowing operation staff to attain relevant on-site training under the guidance of a skilled engineer. Through this process, production can start immediately after delivery, with a seam-less integration.

Every machine is provided with:

  • Instruction manual – with CD were applicable.
  • Detailed instruction and step by step diagrammatic illustrations.
  • A detailed list of replacement parts with pictures and code numbers.
  • Cleaning instructions.
  • Technical documentation tailored on the individual machine with every page printed with the machine code number.
  • Certification for each of our client’s employees who has received training from Myers Food Machinery Ltd.