Research & Development

Research and Development / Innovation Centre

Irish Food Machinery

Research and Development is at the forefront of any industry. At Myers Food Machinery, this is achieved by show-casing new innovative solutions with our state of the art real time demonstration production line facility at our premises in Mitchelstown, and matching these solutions to our customer’s needs, as a result of our in-depth knowledge of their current needs and future requirements.

Our innovation facility is actively led by Myers Food Machinery, and has two separate and distinct goals
The primary focus is to facilitate our clients in food processing, providing an arena for processors to refine their production operations and capitalise on the potential within their facilities.

The second focus encompasses both the study of new processing and packaging systems. The application of products for packaging, implementation of existing technologies to continuously improve the efficiency of the production lines for our customers.

The facilities available to this activity are located within our facility in Mitchelstown.

Facilities include:

  • The technical department with a team of technical designers and engineers.
  • The testing area where our engineers and team can run suitable tests thanks to the wide range of machine models that are available together with packaging solutions.
  • A lecture area where the results of the performed tests are discussed and idea generation is nurtured.