About Us

Company Mission

Myers Food Machinery

Myers Food Machinery is committed to meet the needs of our customers and exceed their expectations through three key elements:

  1. What we Stand For !
  2. Inside Track
  3. Our Team

What We Stand For!

Machinery Yielding Efficiencies Reliability & Success

Myers Food Machinery is passionate about machinery and provision of World-Class products. We strive to provide solutions to our customers, using the latest technologies and our engineering know-how, along with our proven technical expertise and experience, which we have gained over time in food processing and packaging equipment. We pride ourselves on setting the industry standard in supplying World-Leading products from our range of supply partners.

No matter the size of a company or the specific area of food processing or packaging, through our unique supply chain, we at Myers Food Machinery can offer an unrivalled product offering and service.

In this dynamic environment, market constantly requires innovation and customization. Through our product partners, we bring our clients quality products with unrivalled technical solutions. Performance and reliability of branded models meet customers’ requirements and exceed expectations.

Inside Track

Myers Food Machinery has focused its core ethos on customers’ satisfaction. We are always actively engaged in a direct and constructive dialogue with our customers. Through this dialogue process we can achieve individual tailored solutions to individual clients. We believe that

“One size – doesn’t fit all!”

This commitment to understanding each individual client’s requirements and at the same time, our expertise and ability to provide customized solutions leads to professionalism in solving the needs and expectations of our customers.

Myers Food Machinery is your partner in Food Processing

Our Team

supportThe strength of our business is mirrored on the talent and passion of our staff. Our team contributes every day to the support of ideas and development plans for our clients. We aspire to obtain current relevant information and technical developments within the industry, which will facilitate and promote efficiencies within every customer’s business.

The growth of our company coincides with the individual growth of each of us. The sharing of information and experiences promotes the establishment of a corporate structure, which has the ability and foresight to seize opportunities. It is this adaptability, which makes our Team progressive, confident and committed to the success of your business.