The Thompson 5000 Mixer Mincer is a step up from the highly successful Thompson 4000 Series Mixer Mincer. The series retains all the unique characteristics of right angle feed-screw operation to mixing bowl and reduces the length of feed-screw from the Thompson 4000 Series Mixer Mincer, achieving similar high capacity production output rate as the Thompson 6000 Series Mixer Mincer.

The Thompson 5000 Mixer Mincer is heavy duty industrial machine designed specifically for large volume mixing and mincing. The Thompson 5000 Mixer Mincer is powered by high performance motors through 2 independent helical reduction gear units.

The Thompson 5000 Mixer Mincer has the option of a Unique Product Discharge Chute that enables the mixing bowl to be emptied without passing through the feed-screw and cutting system. High efficiency cutting system is available as an option which increases production output rate by up to 100%.

Product Features:

  • 15kW Helical Mince Drive delivers a more powerful performance ensures efficient discharge whilst minimizing squashing or pulping of the product
  • Reciprocate Mixing Action ensures an efficient mix and dispensation of the product
  • Counter-balanced Safety Interlocked Domed Lid complete with viewing grills
  • Compact Design with only 1709mm x 967mm of floor area required
  • 56 Series (152mm) Cutting Head Size
  • Low Loading Height
  • High Quality 304 Stainless Steel machine body, barrel, feed-screw, lock-ring and mixing paddle, Fully Seam Welded Bowl.


  • 22kw Mince Motor, Variable Speed Drive
  • Unique Product Discharge Chute
  • High Efficiency Cutting System
  • Feed-screw Knife & Plate Carriage
  • Gemini System
  • De-bone / De-gristle Cutting Systems
  • Ingredients or Liquid Pouring Channel to Lid
  • Feed-screw Ejector