Vacuum tumbling is a method of marinating meat, poultry, and seafood.  Without vacuum tumbling, marinating requires 24 to 48 hours of soaking before the product is ready for loading into the smokehouse, reduces the production time. Vacuum tumbling opens the cell structure of the product allowing the marinade to penetrate evenly, which eliminates flavour “hot spots” and “dead zones.”


Magnum II-1500 vacuum massager/tumbler is equipped with a uniquely designed baffle that rotates and slides the product throughout the drum during processing. This results in the product remaining against the walls and baffles of the drum versus the actual “tumbling” delivered by competitor models. The advantage is a more gentle massaging action while extracting protein in a highly efficient manner under constant vacuum. Double jacketed cooling is also available on our Magnum II-1500 to compensate for the temperature rise that occurs during the massaging process.


Product Features:

  • Drum rotates via direct drive which reduces maintenance.
  • Unloading by tilting and right handed rotation of the container.
  • Adjustable rotational speeds, intensify the massaging effect, improved both efficiency and profitability.
  • Spiral flight design that eases the loading and unloading process.
  • ISC-E-40 touch screen computer control with Ethernet interface stores up to 99 product programs.