Although this machine is very similar in appearance to the 4000 model, it has been structurally engineered to withstand the greater forces generated to process frozen product and bone. Heavy gauge domed lid with an open grilled section for ingredients adding or viewing of the mix cycle.  This machine is highly recommended by sausage manufacturers.

The unique designed feed-screw channel with right angle mixing paddle, efficient mince and dispensation product, and is programmed with an automatic forward/reverse cycle, resulting in a high definition meat particle and limited heat rise in product. The 4000 mixing cycle is controlled by a factory “pre-set” or easily adjusted reciprocating mix cycle that achieves a very homogeneous mix within a short time period.


Product Features:

  • Optional inspection step and platform with safety interlocked and offered with the lid or no lid option including the inspection mirror option.
  • Constructed from heavy gauge Stainless Steel and fully seamed welded.
  • Stainless Steel feed-screw and removable mixing paddle.
  • Lid with inspection slots to allow product to be added during operation.
  • The Reciprocating Mixing Action efficiently yet gently blends fat and lean product into homogenous batches.



  • Controllable mix / mince cycles
  • PLC pre-set programmable control
  • Product temperature readout
  • GEMINI connection / systems
  • Pneumatic lid operation
  • CO2 Cooling
  • Bone elimination system
  • Feed-screw / knife & plate trolley