The 4000 Series is renowned for its outstanding performance and reliability. High quality stainless steel a strong structured framework supports a thick gauge mixing bowl and panels that is fully seam welded. Sausage mix is quickly and homogenously mixed and constant consistency achieved.

Although this machine is very similar in appearance to the 4000 model, it has been structurally engineered to withstand the greater forces generated to process frozen product and bone. Heavy gauge domed lid with an open grilled section for ingredients adding or viewing of the mix cycle.  This machine is highly recommended by sausage manufacturers.


Product Features:

The 56 Head-size head comes as standard with the 4200, optional 66 size head is also available. The 66 Size head increases production rates on fresh mince and sausage emulsions by as much as 20 % over the 56 Size head. Definition of cuts is improved and the 66 head is recommended when higher demands of processing are required.  Increasing the head size to 66 (8 5/8″) also assists in reducing cutting head pressures – reducing smearing possibilities and offering a very high definition of cut.


  • Controllable mix / mince cycles
  • PLC pre-set programmable control
  • Product temperature readout
  • GEMINI connection / systems
  • Pneumatic lid operation
  • CO2 Cooling
  • Bone elimination system
  • Feed-screw / knife & plate trolley