ReeMaster is based on a new die-set concept, which allows the processing of all packaging materials PP, PE, C-PET, A-PET, EPP, EPET etc., to reach a new level of productivity. Equipped with TPS system for the tray positioning (Reepack patent) and an automatic discharge double belts with differenced speeds, allowing the exit of one line at a time (2 to 1 conveying conveyor). This process provides a continuous product flow. ReeMaster is specifically designed for large industrial purposes.

ReeMaster has the ability to exploit all the peripheral devices used in the food packaging industry, such as de-nesters, dosing units, printers, etc. ReeMaster takes the same film movement advantages that have be developed and optimized over years of use with the ReeClose models (90° film movement aligned to the tray flow direction, allowing a reduction of index and a longer reel life); in addition to these advantages a stand-alone film trolley combined with and an automatic film mounting. Attainment of easy & fast film exchange operation and avoiding any accesses material inside the machine is achieved.

The trolley for film holding, in its complete version allows: feeding the film from the side of the machine with a high reduction of the index and consequent advantage of a faster speed and a longer life of the roll; use larger film rolls, reducing purchase and stocking costs; release the trolley to clean the machine with care without having to protect the film.

Product Features:

  • Machine main movements: Servo motor
  • Control panel: Touch screen
  • Programmable Logical unit: PLC-Siemens
  • Vacuum Pump: up to 300 m/h
  • Machine cycles: 12-20 cycles/min
  • Overall construction: Stainless Steel
  • Photocell for printed film & Liquid filter and powder
  • Support for film printing device
  • Extension for in-feed belt
  • Automatic out-feed conveyor
  • Conveyer conveying in 1 lane
  • Tray de-nester
  • Crimping alluvium foil
  • Snap on lid unit
  • Vibrating unit
  • Different electrical supply
  • Control and link to external equipment
  • Connection for centralized vacuum system