Torrey M-32 Mincer.


The Torrey M32 meat mincer is a well built table top meat mincing machine designed and produced for high volume production.  Ideal for Catering butchers, Donna Kebab manufacturers, busy butcher outlets, Industrial use, Supermarkets etc.  With a 3hp motor, is it available as a 1 phase or 3 phase, both are 440v meat mincer. A maintenance free oil bath gearbox with stainless steel gears. Designed for heavy work load.  Thermomagnetic contractor protects the motor against overloads.  Deflector on the head avoid’s product’s spatter that could exist due to air pockets in this powerful equipment.

Various different size plates are available for the meat mincer and all can be purchased from this website or over the phone with our sales department.

Product Features

  • Powerful oil bathed steel gears transmission.
  • NO belts or pulleys to maintain.
  • Minimum noise and low maintenance cost.
  • Practical grinding system and feed pan that can be completely disassembled in a few minutes without tools.
  • Reduces time spent on cleaning and maintenance operations.
  • Deflector attached to prevent splatter.
  • Dip tin plating for hygiene and corrosion resistance.
  • 3 hp, available  as a 1phase or 3phase versions.
  • Output approx 25 Kg /min, First Ground.
  • Approximately 1100kg output per hour (depending on meat temperature and plate size)

Accessories  (Included)

  • Stomper
  • Four Blade knife
  •  5mm plate
  • Manual
  • Deflector