Torrey M-22 R-1 & M-22 R-2 Mincer.

The ideal choice for Butchers, Farm Shops, Small Sausage and Burger production, Front of butchers shops and anybody who requires a small machine that will run off a 13 amp plug yet will still give you up to 500 kg per hour depending on the plate size.This Table-Top model is available with 1 hp or 2 hp motor, its heavy duty gear box and a large stainless steel meat pan.

Product Features

  • Powerful oil bathed steel gears transmission.
  • NO belts or pulleys to maintain.
  • Minimum noise and low maintenance cost.
  • Practical grinding system and feed pan that can be completely disassembled in a few minutes without tools.
  • Reduces time spent on cleaning and maintenance operations.
  • Grinding system components are strong cast iron parts.
  • Dip tin plating for hygiene and corrosion resistance.
  • 1 hp or 2 hp motor, runs off a 13 amp plug.
  • Available in 1 HP/ 0.74 kw or 2 HP/ 1.492 kw.
  • Output approx 500 Kg /hour.

Accessories  (Included)

  • Stomper
  • One knife
  •  3/16 plate