It is an automatic machine for cutting frozen blocks of meat into slices.

The FR 300 has a special stainless steel high speed rotor which rotates and cuts the frozen meat blocks into thin slices of 3-9 mm thickness.

A pneumatic system is responsible for feeding the frozen meat blocks onto the machine, thus avoiding the immediate contact of the machine’s operator with the chamber and the actual cut.

During operation special safety systems are applied.

These include the machine’s stop when the cover of the rotor is raised and also when the 200lit bin used for collection of meat flakes is removed under the rotor. In case of an emergency the machine brakes instantly mechanically and electrically using a “DC Braking System”.

Specially designed bearings absorb the high loads produced during the machine’s operation and a ‘soft starter’ system protects the motor’s operation and prolongs its life cycle.

The machine is entirely made of stainless steel and it is electronically controlled. With the aid of the pneumatic feeding system, it is capable of steady production levels.